If you’ve ever been a band member, you may have experienced some of these before.

Experiences may differ with each band! but for as long as there’s harmony between each band member, most of these will ring true.

1. You all learn together.

This may seem like it’s meant for beginner musicians who are just forming their first group. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We each offer our thoughts, our creativity and our skills to the collective, in any band that we’re a part of. The people that you share a band with will learn from you and you will learn from them.

2. You push one another to be better and better.

Ever heard the phrase “There’s no I in team”? Well that’s most definitely the case, in a group. You help one another in becoming the best players, performers and composers that each of you can possibly be. When one of you improves, it boosts the others. Think of it as a relationship, except 3 or more people are involved…

3. You’re a part of a creative team.

Every individual in the group should be entitled to voice their opinions and offer their ideas. Otherwise, what’s the point! If you all feel like your ideas are being taken on by the others, then you will feel like you’re a part of a well-oiled creative machine. Not to mention the boost that you’ll feel when you hear your ideas come to life when you start playing them as a full band in rehearsal.

4. You get a creative outlet.

As mentioned above, you feel a sense of achievement when your ideas come to life. It’s a sensation unlike any other when you see that your idea has been worked on by multiple people and that each person has put in quite a lot of effort to produce a great final product! Your new song.

5. There’s more than one mind at play, when it comes to all the hard work behind-the-scenes.

Being a solo musician, you do all the jobs by yourself, work out all the finances, write all the parts and book every last gig. In a group, the duties are shared and everybody should feel like it’s less of a chore and more of a useful job that will eventually gather more momentum for the band. This is an enormous positive to your music career, even though you aught to be sharing everything x-amount of ways as opposed to keeping everything for yourself, like a solo musician.

6. Promotion via word of mouth is multiplied by the number of members.

Music Promotion is something that has to be taught. Although, when it is merely word-of-mouth and socialising, it is always beneficial to have strength in numbers. Imagine how many people you could talk to at a gig of yours as a solo musician. Now imagine how many people you and the rest of your band could speak to at one of your band’s gigs. Once a few of the band members understand online promotion, getting your word out should be a doddle!

7. When a group works well together, it shows.

When you see a well-rehearsed group of musicians performing their amazing originals on stage, there’s nothing quite like it. As a member of the audience, you feel great, just watching it. From the perspective of the musicians, you will undoubtedly notice a major different when you play as a unit versus when you play for yourself. The reaction from an audience can give you the boost you need to continue to produce great performances. Play as a team and you’ll see these results begin to unfold. Read our blog on Asking Band Members For Help if you need some pointers.

8. Finding opportunities is multiplied by x amount.

As mentioned in number 6, when you have multiple people going around, talking about your band, you have a greater audience than if one person did it alone. This isn’t just related to people at gigs. It can easily relate to finding opportunities outside of the venues. With more people looking for those opportunities, your band will certainly find more of them.

9. Your band mates can cover for you if you mess up.

Possibly my favourite part of being in a well-rehearsed band. If I ever make a mistake or accidentally pull out my guitar lead (even a microphone issue), I can count on my band to cover for me while I avoid looking like anything is wrong. You cannot do that as a solo artist.

10. When one person in a band succeeds, the band succeeds.

I wrote a song whilst I was a band member at age 14, which actually won an award for us all. I called it “Three Swords” and it won a free professional studio session for our whole band. When one person succeeds, the band succeeds and it boosts each and every person within it.

Which leads me nicely to my final thought:

Positivity breeds positivity

Keep Playing & Good Luck
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Director of Content, Buden Bay

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