Month: July 2017

10 Quick & Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

Are you new to playing the guitar? Well, we all have to start somewhere. Hopefully, you find these 10 Easy Guitar Chords to be a useful resource in helping to boost you into “Guitar God” territory!So , first of all, we have what is called a D Major Open Chord. Open Chords are those which involve at least 1 open string. In the case of this D Major Open Chord, there is 1 open string, the D string. This chord can be played in two different ways. You can either play each of the three fingered notes with separate...

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Buden Bay’s Top 10 Most Incredible Musical Instruments

We all have our favourite instruments. As a guitarist, I used to look longingly at a sparkling Gretsch White Falcon, on the wall of a guitar store. I used to imagine myself coming into the shop (with like… £2000!…) and just buying it. It hasn’t happened yet… and after looking through about a gazillion instruments to find the most elegant looking ones, I’m not sure that will ever happen now! … Because my childhood dream-instrument, the Gretsch White Falcon, has not made this list. In fact, Guitars haven’t made the list! In No Particular Order… 10th in our list is:...

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How To Find Your Target Audience (For Music Artists)

It can be daunting when you’re unsure of who your target audience is… As an artist or a band just starting out, it’s not necessarily something you need to consider. Knowing your target audience can certainly help to boost you into a more suitable path much quicker though. One thing that can make or break a band is knowing who you need to be aiming your marketing towards. It can quite honestly be the difference between making a living from your music or watching your music fall upon deaf ears. For any artist to truly mould a living out of their...

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