Month: September 2017

Album Review – “Drive” by Richard Schroder

DRIVE If anybody tells you that they’ve never found an album to listen to behind the wheel, send “Drive” their way! Richard Schroder’s up-coming album, to be released on the 20th October, 2017, is the real deal. It encapsulates a classic Country & Western vibe and cross-matches it with some light Rock and hints of Blues. Musically speaking, you can hear inspiration from a small number big names, including Tim McGraw as well as hints of the Country-meets-Pop-Rock era of The Eagles. These styles are seamlessly tied together to create a spectrum of music that borders the timeless. Big words...

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FREE eBook: “A Musician’s Quick & Easy Guide To Pinterest”

Here you go! Another Free eBook for you to get your teeth stuck into! As Musicians, we’re cursed with having to manage ourselves as a brand… and as a business. Booking gigs. Organising and paying for rehearsals if you’re in a band. Writing your music. Organising your social media. Paying for professional photo shoots… etc The list could go on and on… but 95% of musicians tend to make the following mistake… They forget that they need to be marketing themselves effectively! otherwise, nobody will ever hear their music. Nobody will ever recognise them by their image. And it will...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Career As A Songwriter & Performing Musician

As a performing musician, you meet tough obstacles on a daily basis. Issues such as “writer’s block” and lack of motivation are very common. These types of issues will come and go, no doubt, for every last one of us. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to my band-mates and it will probably creep up again at some point. We all encounter things like this. BUT there are a hand full of issues that you will come across which you can do something about. There are things that you can do to avoid the problems that I’ll go through...

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