So, this album sparked my interest when I heard the title of some of the tracks. Titles such as “Lola’s Lullaby”, “Dragons” and “Alex The Kid”. Names like these are great for story-telling purposes as the writer gives a short, half-description of the the contents, so you’re left wondering before you have a listen.

Although once I’d listened to the album, I had one initial concern. The rhythmic timing throughout the album.

It’s clear that TobiasBlue is a capable songwriter, as I could tell by his melody-composing skills. The riffs on the guitar are quite catchy on multiple tracks too, yet the timing and precision of the playing is often out of touch with the other instruments. I was curious as to whether this was a deliberate technique that he was using to evoke a sense of carelessness in the listener or not, so I did some research on his earlier releases. Being rhythmically out-of-time is consistent in his compositions. I can only speculate upon whether or not it is intentional but I would have to suggest that it is something to be reconsidered or worked-on.

On a very positive note, another consistent element of his music is his ability to create memorable hooks!

I truly believe that with greater timing capabilities / techniques, Fairy could have been a very strong album. The lyrical and melodic vocal content is very good but I, personally cannot escape the timing.

Separator toolHere are some tracks from Fairy that I believe to standout from the rest.
Track 7 – Lola’s Lullaby

If Fairy is to have any singles, Lola’s Lullaby should certainly be it. In my opinion, it is the best track on the album and offers some more Pop-elements such as late 80’s/early 90’s style keyboard/synth effects, similar to what you can hear on singles of that time (picture “Take On Me”… etc). The chord progressions are also much more stable and organised in Lola’s Lullaby than the other tracks. Definitely my favourite.

Track 8 – Never Say No

I think, recorded professionally with a drummer and a less-harsh lead guitar tone, this track could be another of TobiasBlue’s best pieces. As it is, there are the obvious concerns of rhythm but the lead guitar is too high in the mix and the tone is set far too distorted for what the track actually needs.

All in all, I think there are clear avenues for improvement but TobiasBlue shows great promise with his lyrics and melody-writing capabilities.


1. Wait Fool

2. Dragons

3. The Birds

4. Diamonds

5. Took A Long Time

6. Where Were You

7. Lola’s Lullaby

8. Never Say No

9. Alex The Kid

If you would like to hear this album, please visit The TobiasBlue Spotify Page, there you can find Fairy and a host of other albums by TobiasBlue.

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