Summers Solstice

Every now and again, you come across an album that just makes you smile.


Bud Summers has explored the often-overlooked genre of guitar-based instrumental music. The 10-track album encompasses his technical prowess and offers an insight into what had inspired him to create such a beautifully-crafted, easy-listening release.

Upon the first listen, hints of old-school rock guitarists shine through in his playing style. One such guitarist who comes to mind when listening to some of Bud Summers’ music is Rik Emmett [ex-Triumph]. Vague splashes of Alex Lifeson [Rush] are also apparent, yet the classical element is undeniable. Mr. Summers has clearly done his homework! His songwriting simply¬†oozes¬†musical-theory knowledge!

Separator toolThough none of the tracks on Summers Solstice are album-fillers, there are a few standout tracks which I believe are worthy of greater attention!

Track 5 – You Bet

The rhythm section of this piece is host to subtle traces of Jazz. Jazz has gone hand-in-hand with easy-listening for decades upon decades now and You Bet is a well-arranged example of how the two genres can seamlessly blend into one. Every instrument is performed elegantly with precision and a softness that resonates with the listener. A truly relaxing piece.

Track 7 – Drawing Room

A lovely classical-style track, in which I personally heard the Rik Emmett influence. The feeling of being present at the performance is obvious (and enjoyable) in Drawing Room. Plenty of natural-sounding reverb on the guitar makes it sound so close you can almost count the visible wood grains!

Track 10 – Late

A smooth track, once again granting the listener access to a deep knowledge of jazz progression-writing techniques but this song is not strictly for musician’s ears only, no no!¬†Late is a song to unwind to. Between sections, there are brief pauses in the music, allowing you [the listener] to take your next deep breath before gently rolling back into a state of content slumber. I’m not sure where the title “Late” was derived but I’ll be late to work if I don’t take it off repeat!

Track list

01. River Watch
02. Norwood
03. Hearts
04. Engelren
05. You Bet
06. Blessed
07. Drawing Room
08. Home
09. Ripples
10. Late

Summers Solstice [from 2016]¬†is an album you really need to hear! visit¬†The Bud Summers Website¬†for more information and check out his social media pages while you’re there!

To hear this album, visit his Soundcloud Profile and look for the Summer Solstice playlists.

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