“Angel Eyes” from the up-coming 2018 album Young At Heart

A truly masterful display of vocal control

Tragically, after having listened to Angel Eyes, I found out that within the past few days, Bunny Sigler has passed away. May he rest in peace and know that his music and his passion has inspired many. Our sincere condolences, here at Buden Bay, go out to the Sigler family.

Angel Eyes is yet another truly wonderful piece by Philadelphia’s Bunny Segler, whose music has spanned decades upon decades. Even at 76 years of age, his vocal control was second to none. A lot of the inspiring tonality of his vocal style shone through in this track, Among which was his vibrato. The timing and execution of his vibrato were immaculate. Not many vocalists could dream of successfully recreating such splendidly emotive, natural skills.

The arrangement of the music is very easy to follow, even though it’s not simple…

Making your music easy-to-follow helps to induce more pleasant feelings for the listener. Similar to the way Pop music can often be so predictable, this offers the listener the chance to feel like they’re correct about the progression of the music, more often than not anyway. Plus, seeing as though this style of music is designed for relaxing-entertainment purposes (in the modern era anyway), this is a brilliant trait to possess; the ability to connect with an audience through what is basically luring them into a state in which they feel more intuitive and professional!

As far as the structure goes, even though the general verse-chorus-verse-chorus (and so on) has never really applied to Soul or Jazz music quite as much, the structure flowed as if it sounded familiar. I don’t really know how he’s managed to produce something that comes across so beautifully relaxing and familiar, yet with a structure that doesn’t seem familiar whatsoever. Really well done!

I don’t listen to much of this genre, yet it feels like it has such a natural flow without having an over-used song structure shows just how professional he is. Along with his superb backing of expert musicians. I may be overthinking it but I believe many people can lose that relaxed feeling when noticing something unfamiliar in the music they listen to. It’s either a very clever trick or a trait that’s typical of the genre which I am yet to realise.

Through respect to Bunny’s family and friends, I will not be sharing his social media pages here.

But if you would like to hear the incredible music which has sparked new life into multiple generations of musicians, please visit his Soundcloud channel or his YouTube channel here.

RIP Bunny, you will be missed.

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