Author: Ian Pearce

Audio Slowed Down on Startup?

To the owners of any of the Focusrite interfaces from the Scarlett range and either Windows 8 or 10, you may be experiencing a really annoying issue where your audio slows down after booting your PC. Well good news! There are a couple of ways of sorting this out. Method 1 – Disable Fast Boot: This is my preferred method of fixing the audio slow down. I’m not entirely sure why fast boot causes the issue but anyway, lets disable it! Go to “Control Panel” Click (or tap if you are fancy) “Hardware and Sound” Select “Power Options” In...

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Optimize Your PC For Audio Production

So you have your gear ready and your DAW open and you are chomping at the bit to start making some sweet tunes. But wait, there is something else you can do before you start your recording session, and that is to optimize your PC for audio production. Now before I go any further it is worth noting that this guide is for Windows users, so you trendy Apple kids might as well switch off and checkout one of our other articles here. Windows OS isn’t actually that bad to use straight out of the box for audio recording....

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