Avishek Choudhury – “Do What You Gotta Do” (Single Release)

Blackpool-based artist Avishek Choudhury has showcased his vocal capabilities throughout his recent release “Do What You Gotta Do”. There are some beautiful transitions from lower in his comfortable register, right up to graceful falsetto notes.

This boy is certainly an up-and-coming talent in a genre that can only be described as “modern” folk. Even with some trance-style editing, you can still clearly depict Avishek’s folk roots. There are multiple moments when he demonstrates vocal harmonies which are perfectly placed and well mixed. An enjoyable listen.

In acoustic / folk music, I tend to have a dislike for highly-edited drums. Now, this song hasn’t swayed me… but with that being said, these edited drums offer more of a complimentary feel to the song than most edited drums that I’d heard previously. They certainly offer a little something unexpected to the song.

There are so many positive attributes being showcased by this young talent. Perhaps cursed by his location, as Blackpool is a difficult place for a musician to really make strides. Avishek has produced a very interesting single here. “Do What You Gotta Do” will surely be met by curious ears and, after hearing the full song, will most certainly be stored in the thoughts of the listeners as music by an artist with potential.

Separator toolWhat we would like to see next…

I may be wrong as this genre is a little wayward of what I deem my speciality genres! but I would like to hear lightly edited drums in a future release. This is simply for ease-of-labelling the genre as acoustic/folk. Right now, the genre is spilling into trance which, in my opinion, could cause you some issues when attempting to promote to your target audience. I could be wrong!

Also, it may be worth requesting to see another collaboration (I noticed “Don’t Despair” on the Soundcloud channel). Keep up the great work Avishek!


For more of Avishek’s music, visit his Soundcloud Channel.

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