The Ballad Of A Keg Heart

Timi Alexander has produced a beautiful piece this music, which is basically bare emotion, out on display. To put a genre label onto it, I would have to say “story-telling” and of course “ballad”. The music video encompasses the emotional atmosphere of the lyrical content perfectly, in a dramatic home-video style setting. So too does the music, which almost plays a more important role than the lyrics in setting the scene. It offers a constant, slowdrifting feel which plays on the theme of the song really effectively.

The first two lines of lyrics sound like a call-and-response, with one of the characters being a “Keg Heart” (that’s a heavy drinker, to the non-poets out there…). The lyrics are:

“Hey, you, in the corner drinking all alone…
… Hold on, I’ll be done in a moment”


The second line is such a tease. First of all, it brings in the main character of the story but it also holds back from offering the listener any information on the character at all.

What do they look like? Man or woman? Are they elderly or youthful? …….. (you get the jist!)

As the song goes on, you learn that the character has had a rough time. “A thousands dreams gone wrong” is another snippet of the lyrics.

So, as the listener, you start to unfold the fairly depressing character. The one whose life hasn’t quite gone to plan and is now stuck in a cycle where their days are taken up by the thing they rely on the most. I can imagine that this would be a story that’s very close to home for some of us but it’s beautifully masked by elegant chord changes and a consistently experimental leading melody (in the pitch of the vocals).

The Recording Quality

Expert. Each and every instrument is subtle, yet obvious. You can hear everything.

The mix is great and the effect choices are perfect for finding gaps in the EQ spectrum. I love the way Timi used a synth/keys effect which was half jazz-organ, half piano. It really suited the atmosphere and offered the perfect tonality.

All in all, I think Timi Alexander applies ballad-style songwriting to hints of jazz and story-telling in a way that’s genuinely pleasing to the listener. Job well done.

Keep Playing & Good Luck

Jake McCullough | Creative Director, Content Producer & Social Media Specialist

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ballad of a keg heart by timi alexander - Pin Art