Music can still be self-indulgent.

As I began the track , sat back and got comfortable, it quickly occurred to me that the Joe Olnick Band weren’t specifically targeting a large audience bracket. Not because I think they’re bad! I certainly don’t. I like the music but it screams “self-indulgence”.

This is great! Music is supposed to make you happy and not everyone is interested in selling to the masses.

Joe Olnick Band made a decision to produce an instrumental track, which involves 56 seconds worth of an introduction riff (the track is 3 minutes 17 seconds long) and a guitar solo reins supreme for the vast majority of the remainder. Now, again, by no means is this a bad thing. My only concern is that if they are hunting for reviewers such as myself, then they are in fact looking for attention and sales. With this in mind, I’m not certain on what their professional approach is for their music release.

I mean… I’m a rare specimen who loves most styles of music so I can happily listen to instrumentals! (which have never been the most popular style of composition unless written for TV, Game or Film). As far as instrumentals go, Downtown is excellent! the grooves from the rhythm section are BANG ON! The drummer and bassist lock in really well together. The guitars could have offered more of an ornamental part than they did, although keeping with the rhythm of the track did no harm either.

Once the guitar solo came in, the theme became apparent.

I had a hunch that the theme of the track was based on urban-style living. Where the trains are always moving, there’s plenty of people yet not enough to be barged off the sidewalks (it took a lot for me to avoid using the word “pavements” by the way…). There’s a gang or two around the more desolate areas of the city / town and the listener is taken through that city with a perfect backing track called Downtown.

There may be a note at approximately 1 minute 44 seconds in that I spotted which is what we like to call “Jazz notes”!! Unfortunately, it’s a note that doesn’t fit the key / mode behind it, although if Joe Olnick and the band like it then the only person who’s wrong here is me!

I know I’ve honed in on some minor concerns of mine but by no means is that a reflection on my immediate thoughts of Downtown. I very much enjoyed it and I look forward to the release of the Downtown Album on October 20th 2017.

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