My mother reads these so let’s just say the title intrigued me…

Ray William Roldan hasn’t managed to appear under my radar before today, even though he has acquired tens-of-thousands of plays on most of his songs on Soundcloud. A platform I use quite a lot. I must be blind because this stuff is right up my street!

For the regular readers, you guessed it… I’m gonna talk about rhythm and timing.

Absolutely bang on the money. Every flick of the wrist on the guitar, even the deliberate off-setting of rhythm from the vocals. The use of lengthened vowels at the end of some lines of lyrics add fuel to the sense of vulnerability behind this track. Lyrics never wander too far away from the title which gives you very little time to catch your breath before the word “Foreplay” comes banging at the door. I don’t think of this as a bad thing. In fact, I consider it a healthy reminder of the reason you chose to listen to it in the first place. It wasn’t because you wanted an easy-listening pop song… it’s because, behind your mask, you wanted to be turned on!

Well, if Foreplay doesn’t do it for you, nothing will.

The “lead” guitar:

Often, when mentioning a lead instrument (not including vocals), you consider something leading from the front. An instrument which has been pushed that little bit higher in the mix to add either texture or the virtuosity-factor to a song.

Well, not in this case. The lead instrument is a subtle guitar with a thick and glassy tone. Again, with this instrument, there’s a real sense of defencelessness. The way in which the story is being portrayed by both the lyrical content and the music is commendable.

I would highly recommend listening to Ray William Roldan. If you’re feeling frisky!… go listen to “Foreplay”.

You can find the Ray William Holdan music collection here on Soundcloud or here on Reverbnation.

Collectively, the music on his profiles have had close to 400,000 plays… That’s exceptional.

Keep Playing & Good Luck

Jake McCullough | Content Producer

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