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As Musicians, we’re cursed with having to manage ourselves as a brand… and as a business.

  • Booking gigs.
  • Organising and paying for rehearsals if you’re in a band.
  • Writing your music.
  • Organising your social media.
  • Paying for professional photo shoots… etc

The list could go on and on… but 95% of musicians tend to make the following mistake…

They forget that they need to be marketing themselves effectively!

otherwise, nobody will ever hear their music. Nobody will ever recognise them by their image.

And it will only ever be their close friends and family who sing their lyrics back to them at gigs!

That’s where our NEW eBook comes in!

We know how to market music. We’re certified in Professional Musicianship and our team have won Songwriting and Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.

It’s second nature to us, here at Buden Bay. We know that socialising online, with an international audience, will make you more likely to be internationally successful. Whereas, most of us musicians only tend to socialise locally, either at local events or on Facebook.

Let’s be fair, over 70% of the people you’re friends with on social media are local to you!

That is restricting your audience beyond belief! Stop marketing your music to your friends.

Why not start advertising your music (your brand/business) on the truly international platforms.

The platforms which you don’t need to pay for, in order to attract thousands upon thousands of visitors per month.

Buden Bay have done just that! (check out our latest Monthly Update blog half way down the Buden Bay Home Page to find out how many visitors our website receives).

Pinterest is my absolute favourite platform. It has been since I decided to take the chance.

At least 90% of Buden Bay’s visitors come straight from one of our Pins on Pinterest.

It’s is a truly incredible platform and this FREE eBook will show you how Pinterest can help you to gain followers, listens, plays, YouTube views and of course.. music and merch sales!

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