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Setting The Scene - Improving Basic Lyrics With Descriptive Writing - Free eBookSetting The Scene:

Improving Basic Lyrics With Descriptive Language

Did I mention it’s free?

Of course I did…

Consider it a gift! even though there’s always going to be more where that came from…

I write music industry blogs as part of my full time work. I’ve released two already, in the short space of time that Buden Bay has officially been open!

The 1st free eBook that I released for Buden Bay was called “A Musician’s Quick & Easy Guide To Pinterest”. That eBook is still available to everyone for free. In fact you can find it in the same place as this brand spankin’ new one!


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Also, we will never hand your email address, or any of your other details, to ANYBODY else. EVER.Separator toolSo why would you want this eBook?

Well, first of all… these eBooks are written by me!

I’m an artist, with plenty of experience and an up-to-date knowledge of the music industry. I studied Professional Musicianship at BIMM Manchester (and BIMM Brighton), where I was tutored by some of the greatest musicians, producers and music psychologists in the UK, and the world. I have experience in solo work, being a functioning member of successful bands and since graduating from University, in 2016, I’ve received BIMM Manchester’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2017), no doubt due to my work here at Buden Bay.

When it comes to creating a sustainable living for yourself in the music industry, I know what I’m talking about… and I’m here to help you!

Buden Bay’s online content is developed around the following fields:

 Music Marketing   &   Songwriting 

Two key traits of any professionals in today’s music industry. The first eBook was based on modern music marketing. Now, this new eBook is based on Songwriting.

I truly do hope that you find the content helpful. I certainly enjoyed writing it! and until next time…

Keep Playing & Good Luck

Jake McCullough | Creative Director, Content Producer & Social Media Specialist

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