“Haunted Memories”


I’m so glad to finally get the chance to review such a new and young recording artist. Especially one who has done such a great job with the production. It’s a pleasure to hear such youthful, raw passion in the lyrics of Haunted Memories. Josh has done a really great job of avoiding compromise in his music. Writing from his heart has made it so that he comes across as very unique. That’s something that a lot of artists tend to lose as they become more “capable” in different styles and more experienced. Again, it’s beautiful to hear some genuine music from the depths of someone’s emotions.

I think I’ll go with a positive-negative-positive sandwich here!

The Instrumentation

The instrumentation used was effective. Nothing was too overpowering and nothing was too low in the mix for it to be lost to the listener. Every part had it’s own place in the frequency EQ. The sections of the track involved subtle changes in what was played for each part and it flowed.

The Vocals

Although they are not bad vocals by any means, there are some minor improvement to be made here and there. Practising vocals is a must for recording musicians. You can get away with quite a lot at live shows but when recording, if certain parts require more grittiness or more vibrato, you need to be able to push yourself to create that. Josh is still very young and his vocals, although… again, they are not bad, they will improve with regular practice. For anybody else out there who are vocalists, having a vocal coach is NOT a burden on your career. It’s a godsend! All of the top professionals have vocal coaches. Josh, your vocals will grow and develop with you in your music career and I certainly do not want to sway you away from singing from your heart. Just to tweak your capabilities  🙂  

The Theme

I’ve never been brave enough to write from the heart. It’s something you do very well and apparently, your online following agrees. I urge you to stick to the path that you’re on and simply continue to learn and grow. Learn your industry, learn your resources, learn your genre and learn your audience. You’ve got a very solid foundation already. Time to expand.

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Some Helpful Tips:
  • It took me a while to find any social media links. Try to make them easily accessible for people visiting your online platforms. I found a Facebook Group for your music but no Page. If you have one (or once you’ve made one, please link it in the description, if you would!)
  • It may be a mix up on my end but your YouTube Channel has no media on its Home section, which is what people initially find when looking on your channel. To find the videos, I went to the Videos section (by the way, 85 subscribers already… Fuckin’ Ace man!)
  • Whenever you find you have a little bit of money behind you each month (at least £30 I would say), get yourself a website. Even a simple Wix site would do it and develop your brand awareness. After all, every musician or band has their own image, sound and aura. You want people to know who you are and nothing screams out PROFESSIONAL like your own well-made website.
  • Learn a little about Pinterest. It’s an extremely efficient promotion tool for us musicians. Pin all of your youtube videos, photos, gear images and anything else (even selfies) to your Pinterest boards. Use suitable descriptions too, Pinterest uses keywords (imagine it to be like a baby version of Google). We use it a lot and it gets us thousands of views each month! Join our group on Facebook if you’d like… Pinterest for the Creative Arts. Or read some of my other Pinterest related blogs on here. They should really help you to grow a relevant following.

Keep Playing & Good Luck

Jake McCullough | Content Producer & Social Media

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Haunted Memories by Josh Skinner - Pin Art