“Have Faith” (Feat. Jenn-Jenn)

The perfect musical balance. Delicate at times yet ferocious at others.

Have Faith. The next release by R&B / Hip-Hop artist Rika-Rai, is her best to date. Although social profiles tell a story of little connection, there is a brewing intensity in her music that is NOT about to end. I can see Rika-Rai gaining some serious traction with this song. If she can crack the code for social media growth by marketing the music effectively, I believe she may open many doors for herself in the music industry in the few months following this release on November 3rd, 2017.

So, what we have here is a magnificently crafted Hip-Hop / R&B track with subtle hints of Rock, Pop and Gospel.

That sounds like it would be an awful mess, doesn’t it. Well, it is the polar opposite! This track flows like it has a mind of it’s own. The conviction behind the instrumental parts are intelligent and raw, whether they are programmed or played (for a few of the backing instruments, I can’t quite tell). If some of the instrumentation ARE programmed, then the production is even better than I thought… but I’ll get to that shortly.

Given that the theme of the track is an ethereal question & answer (or call and response) with God, you could have guessed that doses of Gospel music may have shown up. You would be right to think that because there are plenty of Gospel-style vocal harmonies dotted throughout “Have Faith”. They produce the ethereal feelings that I mentioned above. A kind of… goosebumps sensation occurs (or at least it does for me!). I was highly impressed and a little jealous that none of my harmonies end up sounding anywhere near that high-quality!

The Hip-Hop element arose for the middle 8th section.

This is where Jenn-Jenn took the vocal reins in Rap. Her vocal tonality matches the effective proficiency of Rika-Rai’s and towards the Outro, you can hear them both together. That section, in my opinion, is a moment of Hip-Hop triumph. I’ll be adding it to my playlist very shortly.

Rika-Rai‘s technical ability with vocals is incredible. To think that her name isn’t yet one of recognition seems unfair. The vocal range sounds comfortable throughout this track and yet for another professional female vocalist to attempt to recreate these vocals, I think they would have serious difficulty. The flurries of scales and the timbre blend to create such a beautiful, organic tone. Only in the introduction, I heard noticeable vocal effects and they’re genre-relevance.

The Production.

Not only did each track from the song fit into its own frequency range like a glove… but the effects, the mixing and mastering quality and the tone of each instrument are marvellous. This goes hand in hand with the expert songwriting prowess. The different sections of the song each offered their own mise-en-scene. The stage was set for the story to ring true. In the verses, there is an apparent state of unknowing and fear, which mirrors the lyrical content. The choruses are huge and powerful, much like the story line of the lyrics in those sections.

Each section had its own story and some sections are repeated for plot emphasis. All in all, a song that I will not be forgetting for some time.

Here’s a snippet!

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