“Higher Calling”

When that first chorus comes in…

With so much music out there, available to the world, you find that your taste grows narrower and narrower. Well, normally, my taste isn’t Americana Pop Rock! … But today Sean V Syndicate have changed that slightly.

Higher Calling is a story about waiting for something to come along and either show you the way forward or give you something to truly believe in (from what I can gather!) Throughout the lyrical content, there’s a gradual curve from initially not knowing which way to turn, to later on having some idea. That’s a nice technique, even nicer if it was deliberate!  😀 

That storyline can relate to each and every last person on the planet, which is fantastic for Sean Virag and the rest of the guys in Sean V Syndicate! It means that they know what it takes to connect with an audience. They know how to make the true connections, which can help in gaining superfans. You know, the types of fans who will go out and buy all your merch. Yeah, you want those!

Higher Calling starts off nicely, with a radio-friendly approach. Drums are well recorded and the mix is good for them. My speakers are slightly dodgy but the bass may be a little low in the levels (I could well be wrong!). The Americana-style guitar parts are very apparent, I like that!

Drums, Bass and a few broken chords from the guitar to open the song. All of this makes it a very satisfying collection of frequencies, especially when the next set of 4 bars brings in the old-school rotary organ effect too!

Then comes the best bit!

When that first chorus comes in, forget about it!…

It was actually the first chorus that won me over. Even though the intro and the first verse are really good. It’s the slightly heavier guitar tones that bring it home for me. SVS have managed to create some breathtaking guitar tones throughout this song but the heavier guitar in the chorus is my outright favourite.

I do have one set-back with Higher Calling though. It’s nothing major but I’ve never been a fan of simply using rhythmic changes as a bridge. I think I would have preferred it to have gone somewhere else for a middle 8th section.

With that being said, I did appreciate the guitar solo. You don’t get many of them anymore, so that was the saving grace for the bridge section in my eyes. All in all, a very good song from Sean V Syndicate. One they can be proud of.

(Question for Sean Virag: Is it just you or are there other members? I can’t seem to find any on your profiles. If you could answer here in the comments, that’d be sweet. Thanks man and great songs!)

If you’d like to hear Sean V Syndicate’s music, visit their Bandcamp or Reverbnation here! Follow their social media channels to be kept updated.

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