“Integration (Not Segregation)”

Art Rock. My favourite!

One thing I have to get off my chest before the proper review begins is How much does Ben Brookes sound like Phil Collins during the higher register vocal moments?!!

Now that’s done!… Integration (Not Segregation) is an Art Rock splendour. It offers a whole host of technical songwriting moments, such as the borrowed chords in the Choruses. It offers a wide vocal range, which is surprisingly hard to come by in my job! and it gave me a little piece of my favourite non-musical theme [Science Fiction]. Granted, it’s not based entirely on Sci Fi themes but the fact that there’s a countdown to a blast off is more than enough to get me on-side!

The production is straight out of the top drawer and the effects used in the introduction and towards the end are really cool too!

There are some really beautiful tones from the individual instruments here as well. The bass and the acoustic guitar stand out to me as being the best tones on the track although the addition of the tambourine is masterful.

The music video (currently unreleased) is superb. Plenty of awesome scenery and a truly great show from the video producers.

Integration (Not Segregation) shows off some minor hints of Pink Floyd. I think it could have passed as a Floyd track if it was of a slightly slower tempo. The borrowed-chord use through the choruses reminds me very much of the Beatles too. Two incredible inspirations to have, if indeed my analysis is correct! And yet, Ben has made his music seem very new and original – a very impressive trait for any artist.

in my opinion, the only down-side (if it even qualifies) is that I wish the middle 8th section (the guitar solo part) had shifted key to somewhere slightly more unexpected. The plot is based on changing the way people treat one another and how we all treat our mother earth, why not add a “big change” in there somewhere. Think Earth Song by MJ and the key changes he used to emphasise the point of the story line.

Otherwise, excellent and I look forward to listening to the full album!

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