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So what is Audiomorph Photography?

Well, I’ve just recently opened a localised business in the Manchester area of the UK, which offer Photography and Cinematography services. Primarily, AudioMorph Photography (or AMP for short… I know, I’m so clever…) offer music-based photography, such as Live Music shots, Artist Portrait Photography, Live Music Videos and Professional Music Videos. AMP doesn’t just apply to this industry though. We have already done some Actor/Actress portrait shoots and we’re always in talks with local companies who want some head-shots doing for their websites and so on!

Very exciting!

Before we opened Buden Bay’s website, we were actually known as AudioMorph (which is where I got the name).

“The reason for not naming it Buden Bay Photography was purely because I wanted to avoid any misconceptions regarding what Buden Bay actually does. Our original vision for Buden Bay was to make it an online-based company, 100%…… So, by simply owning a separate local company, which can also help Buden Bay, we can keep that vision alive. To be online-based is to be available to the whole world. AudioMorph Photography services are not available worldwide, they’re local to Manchester (UK) only.” – my words in an interview with BIMM Manchester.

Separator toolWhat difference will it make to Buden Bay?

Buden Bay have been wanting to venture into new territories, regarding online content, for a few months now. We have been considering a  Twitch  stream and a  YouTube  channel.

Since AudioMorph Photography was opened, Buden Bay have utilised this new facility to open the Buden Bay YouTube channel. Already, we’ve uploaded one or two videos of Live Music in 4K 2160p Ultra HD!

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE to keep up to date with our uploads.

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And of course, if you are from the Manchester area (or simply North West England), and would like a photo shoot or another service of AudioMorph Photography’s. Please contact the company via


Keep Playing & Good Luck

Jake McCullough | Director of Content

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