Powerful and atmospheric.

Lightning is host to plenty of vocal harmonies and atmospheric ambience. The mise en scene is painted by the production of the track, the exceptional vocal displays and the talented musicianship of all of the instrumentalists involved.

The introduction submerges you in the track with beautifully played percussion and a mid-high drone note slowly drifting in to the entering of the piano. Amilia’s vocals are coolly executed at such a surprisingly low pitch to begin with. As the track goes by, there are some awesome, slightly distorted guitar chords which run behind the piano and vocals as an atmospheric booster. They work so well with the track, in ascending the wow-factor to greater heights.

The level of musicianship from the instrumentalists is sublime. Understandably, it’s not the most difficult song out there to perform but even with parts of a more “simple” nature, there is a right way and a wrong way to perform them in-studio. The parts are professionally and delicately assembled to perfection by the engineer / studio producer too. The mix does justice to the excellent songwriting skills that have gone into the song as well. I’m very impressed!

There are hints of the older British pop artists in Lightning…

Artists such as Kate Bush sound like prominent inspirations, although on the other hand, I can also hear American country artists like Shania Twain as well, although that may be more down to the production as opposed to the songwriting. I would even go as far as to say I can hear small hints of Peter Gabriel! All hugely impressive songwriters the likes of which any songwriter aught to at least take notes from. There are many points in Lightning where I can see room for continued development of Amilia’s own style but Lightning is a song that she can certainly be proud of.

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