“Morning” from the Memories album

Instantly, you can hear 90s grunge! They’re quickly apparent in After Alice‘s Morning, the first track from their Memories album. I can certainly hear the Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder influences, which is a breath of fresh air in our ever-changing industry of Rock Music! Of course, the style of the vocalist doesn’t sound completely the same as the likes of Pearl Jam. From what I can hear, it’s a really great sounding, natural voice. By “natural”, I mean it sounds as though there are very few effects on the lead vocals and yet they sound great.

The composition:

It’s a tried-and-tested song structure and yet again, it works!

intro / verse – verse 2 – chorus – verse 3 – chorus – middle 8th – chorus until end

It may seem like i’m calling it generic but i’m actually calling it intelligent songwriting. These guys know what their fan base will enjoy and they create it. Perhaps, it may simply be a creation of their own influences but it still works. That structure has stood the test of time and i’m certain it’ll last much longer too. That being said, as much as I love a good old guitar solo, I don’t necessarily think that Morning was crying out for one. I think the middle 8th section could’ve added a greater dimension to the song if there had perhaps been something like a shift in key with a new chord sequence. The lyrical content could have had some room to breath before that chorus came back in again too.

The overall composition is really good though, with my personal preference aside for that middle 8th!

The production quality:

The recording sounds great but for the genre (Pop Rock), it seems to me like the verses are marginally missing something. I think the bass guitar could possibly do with being more gritty, as opposed to the much more clean tone that it has. This could have helped to bulk up the verses although the rest of the song is really well balanced in terms of EQs and mixing. The guitar tones are appropriate and the drums are well recorded. Again, everything is clear when listening out for specific instruments and the engineer’s done a great job fitting the parts together and making such a great end product. A big well done to After Alice and I hope them the very best of luck in the Indie Artists Awards 2017. You can vote for After Alice HERE!

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Keep Playing & Good Luck

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