“Nashville” from the “Road By The River” album

A truly engaging story!

There are plenty of reasons I can give you for needing to listen to Nashville by Michael Askin. Here, I’ll list a few for you.

  1. His voice is so relaxing, yet engaging that it’s difficult not to listen. Michael’s vocal style matches the Country & Western instrumentation and musicality. There’s no flurries of notes darting around the scale like you get in a lot modern pop music because with this music, there is no need for that. Michael almost speaks the lyrics to us. Not tonally but metaphorically. It seems like Michael is sitting down with you to tell a story. A true Country & Western trait!
  2. The way the track subtly grow into a chorus crescendo is sublime. You barely notice the changeover from verses to choruses as it seamlessly transitions from A to B.
  3. The slide guitar work in this track is ACE! it’s not too overpowering to the rest of the mix but it’s clearly at the forefront when used. Well played and well recorded.

For those of you who read my reviews regularly, you’ll know I often have words to say about the artist’s timing / rhythm… well…

The musicians in this track smashed it. The guitar in the introduction plays an enormous role in setting the tempo and the guitarist played it like a metronome. Again, sublime. The timing of the right hand is a technique that has to be mastered over years of practice and in this case, a very experienced guitarist (and indeed the rest of the band members) meticulously pulled it off and made the rhythm section throughout the track seem effortlessly calm and collected behind the vocals and slide.

Never underestimate the power of the rhythm section!

Additional thought:

I absolutely love the way the drums come crashing in unexpectedly after this line of lyrics: “so we’ll drink until we figure it out”. There’s also a note that rings out for a second after those drums come in that doesn’t quite resonate perfectly. I may have noticed a mistake but I choose to think it was done deliberately to add to that “Drunken” plot part. If I’m wrong and it’s a mistake, just play it cool…

All in all, Michael Askin and “Nashville” is a playlist-topper and is certainly a nice surprise for anyone looking for a good story-telling experience. Highly recommend!

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Keep Playing & Good Luck

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