“Party By Myself”

An introvert’s dream Dance track

Finally, a musician who knows exactly how to showcase themselves. Cooper Phillip, from Los Angeles, studied to Moscow State Classical Academy. Inspirations vary from Jazz to Top 40 Pop and everything in between apparently!

Party By Myself is, in simple terms, a Dance track. This Dance track has a few tricks up it’s sleeve though. Firstly, the plot / lyrical content of the song goes entirely against the grain of what Dance music is all about. This is the kind of music that people listen to when they’re getting pumped up for a night out! and the lyrics are all about partying alone. In a surprisingly bold decision, Cooper has forced the opposite on us and it works!

Cooper has over 20K likes on her Artist Facebook Page. Not bad!

 It’s not hard to see why people have chosen to follow her. If her study background or her looks don’t win them over, her voice certainly will. It’s trained and it’s trained professionally. 

The chorus has a slightly Eastern feel to it. The note choices and the effects used very subtly reminds me of a faint Bollywood style. Very much a western song but there’s a clever, subtle addition of Eastern culture to look out for too.

Here’s the music video to go with Party By Myself:

The song form is simply ABABCB, very similar to most Western music over the last 40 years, so the structure doesn’t hold any magic attraction… but the visuals for the music video are great, the way Cooper promotes herself consistently is great, her brand awareness is great, her vocal virtuosity is great and the Dance element only adds to the modern-factor!

All of this makes her an ideal candidate for an artist in the top flight. She has clearly put in a lot of work and her professional approach is obviously working for her. Cooper aught to be very proud of where she is and I’m sure Party By Myself will help her to reach her desired heights.

To find out more about Cooper Phillip and her music, visit her social media pages below:

Instagram: @cooperphillip
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Keep Playing & Good Luck

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