“Love Is What I’ll Do” from Songs Of Grace

A song for the love of a person or god? In this case, I think that’s up to the listener.

Reverend Peter Unger has already been a finalist in the USA’s International Songwriting Competition. As it states on his Reverbnation profile, he has also achieved a high level of listeners. Over 146.6K to be exact!

 With those stats, I knew I was in for a treat and I wasn’t disappointed…

Love Is What I’ll Do is host to an array of songwriting brilliance. The mixing is slightly off from what I would personally prefer but that’s just because the guitars are so much higher than the vocals. Perhaps due to the naturally treble-heavy tone of the guitars that were used, it really cuts through more than the vocals do.

Other than that, the aforementioned brilliance shines through from the guitar playing. Such a splendid display of technical proficiency and songwriting talent. The key shifts are elegant and shape the life of the track in a truly harmonious way.

The Timing is precise too. This is something I pay close attention to, as many regular readers will know!

Love Is What I’ll Do is a true showing of how music can transport you on your own journey as a listener. Knowing that Reverend Peter Unger is a highly religious man, I could see the lyrics in this song being of religious nature. Although… the lyrics are so open to interpretation that anyone who has experienced love will be able to take their own story from it. This song could mean a great deal to many different people, for different reasons. An especially commendable song trait that any lyricist or songwriter aught to be extremely proud of. The ability to touch the hearts of people from different cultures and mind-sets, whilst retaining a theme, is a very difficult thing to achieve. For that, I take my hat off to you!

To listen to Rev Peter Unger’s music, visit his Reverbnation profile. You will not be disappointed!

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Love Is What I'll Do by Rev. Peter Unger - Pin Art