If anybody tells you that they’ve never found an album to listen to behind the wheel, send “Drive” their way!

Richard Schroder’s up-coming album, to be released on the 20th October, 2017, is the real deal. It encapsulates a classic Country & Western vibe and cross-matches it with some light Rock and hints of Blues.

Musically speaking, you can hear inspiration from a small number big names, including Tim McGraw as well as hints of the Country-meets-Pop-Rock era of The Eagles. These styles are seamlessly tied together to create a spectrum of music that borders the timeless.

Big words for a lesser-known artist, you say?

Listen for yourself… Visit the Richard Schroder website. There you’ll find a couple of Singles (that is, at least until the album is released. Then you should buy it!)

Separator toolThe songs that you have to listen to!

Although there are no album-fillers in this song list, there are some moments of songwriting virtuosity which, without an doubt, will help to boost this album to its rightful heights.

Track 1 – Drivin’

The title track, give or take some letters… Drivin’ maintains a beautifully fitting tempo throughout, which continues to bring you [the listener] back to the notion that you’re a part of the story. You’re in the driver’s seat with the windows down and the wind in your hair! The consistent pace and “drive” of the lyrics and the instrumentation offers a true country heartbeat and an inspiring message to the audience.

Track 4 – Backseat Love

Since the first time I listened to the full album, Backseat Love has stood out to me. It’s so catchy and the singalong-ability makes it a track that isn’t very easy to forget! A definite to add to your playlists.

Track 6 – Someone Else

The true masterpiece of the album in my opinion. The lyrical content does justice to the seamlessly transitioning instrumentation. Decorative female vocal harmonies help create this true heart-breaker about the misty-eyed lover boy who missed his chance.

Track list

01. Drivin’ 
02. Stay
03. Nashville Girl
04. Backseat Love 
05. Right In The Middle
06. Someone Else
07. One And The Same
08. Wildest Dreams
09. Anytime Anywhere
10. Pray For You
11. Emily

Drive is a 2017 must-have! visit  Richard Schroder’s Wesbite to listen to some pre-album Singles and check out his social media pages while you’re there!

Jake McCullough | Director & Content Producer

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