Dance-Pop Track

Xavier looks to be a very classy artist. Plenty of style and loads of flair! It’s not very often you come across an artist with a good image and the confidence to back it up.

It’s also really great to see that Xavier has been actively producing music for a few years, fairly consistently. That aught to help him out in a search for a larger fan base. Pop music fans tend to desire the artists who can produce consistently.

Separator toolThe Production

The rhythm section is really well balanced. The mix and the frequencies are absolutely on point. It’s nice to notice the drums progress throughout each verse towards a climax in each chorus. It’s what you come to expect with Pop/Dance music. Progression of the rhythm section is key to maintaining audience retention.

The lead melody synth part is a little off-putting for me but I can see how it can work. It drops out of the first chorus which helps to open up the real focus, being the vocals. You do get used to the high pitched synth part when it comes back in for the second verse but I could personally see it being a much more subtle lead line if it was simply an octave lower (but that may conflict with other instrument parts, so this finished product may be the best iteration of the song after all).

Xavier’s Vocals

Throughout Runaway, the vocal performance is very professional. There are no sections in which improvements need to be made. He comes across as a true veteran of the vocal recording process so well done there.

Beyond the music, you’ll find that Xavier Toscano is a true social media master. As I write this, he has:

  • 2673 subscribers on YouTube
  • 47091 likes on Facebook.
  • 11.6K followers on Instagram.
  • 18.8K followers on Twitter.

For all of you aspiring musicians reading this review, these numbers are something to aspire towards. Let Xavier inspire you to create a professional social media marketing campaign. He has done a superb job of growing that audience. These types of reviews can help to boost your artist pages too. Remember to click the social media buttons at the top of this article!

Please visit the Xavier Toscano website for more details about Xavier’s career.

Keep Playing & Good Luck

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