“Shake, Rattle and Roll”

A brand new track by Dynamos, out today! (October 13th 2017). It encompasses everything you would consider when hearing that title. Plenty of hip-swinging beats and a wicked guitar solo!

The bass and the drums are so tight that the whole track has a very solid foundation and the vocals and rhythm guitar parts are so rhythmic that the verses and choruses stand out.

That makes it so much more satisfying when the guitar solos come roaring in!

Now, I’m not certain as to which of the two guitarists played those solos but I’ll break the tie, I think I prefer the 1st solo!  😉 

Nadia’s vocals:

Nadia [lead vocalist] offers a well-controlled and well-written vocal track here. With undeniable spirit, driving the leading melody of this “on-the-highway-with-the-windows-down” Rock song, she forces the track into new dimensions. Towards the Outro, she actually uses a shaking technique to further develop the concept (Shake, Rattle and Roll). That didn’t go unnoticed!

The Production:

Each instrument is clearly audible and the mix is superb. The engineer’s done a really great job here but I would’ve like to have heard a more MEATY bass tone. The intro and verse parts are screaming out for a Geddy Lee style tone. I know they’re not easy to replicate or even simulate but it would certainly have helped to build more of the wow-factor. Something to perhaps consider adding to future releases if they are of similar genre/style.

Also, it may be my speakers but I’m struggling to differentiate between two guitarists (aside from the solo sections). With the inclusion of a second guitarist, a band  is opened up to so many avenues and in some parts of this song, it doesn’t seem like they’ve made the most of the extra player. If my ears haven’t deceived me, the two guitarists are playing very similar parts throughout most of the song (again, not including the solos of course).

With all of this being said, I really did enjoy it and I feel privileged to have been one of the first to hear it!

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Their music video and streaming links for “Shake, Rattle and Roll” will be available in the coming days!

In the mean time, check out their Soundcloud Channel.

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