“The Starz”


The production, more specifically the mastering, of the track is excellent. Plenty of the EQ frequencies are taken by different tracks and it’s easy to pick each of them out. But…

When I first heard The Starz by Blow_Flyy, I initially thought the mix of the track was slightly off, just because the vocals were quieter than the music. After multiple listens, I think it’s treading a fine line. The vocals are audible, but only if the listener’s settings are altered to “mid-boost” (which is the round-about frequency that the vocals are covering, just a little too quietly in my opinion).

Some brilliant melody parts compliment the vocals extremely well. Seeing as the lead melody is so repetitive, the occasional dropping-out of the drums allows the music flow into the next sections.

A great track for easy-listening, driving or working to.

Much of the music I tend to listen to requires constant attention as everything is always changing and the instrumentalists flash their virtuosity regularly. The Starz doesn’t necessarily take your entire attention, unless you’re a lyric-driven music lover, making it a superb addition to any of your playlists. Whether you’re working with music in the background or you’re genuinely wanting to pay attention to some lyrics.

About the lyrics… they’re playful. They’re very modern. The Outro put a smile on my face too. “Jumpin’ from star to star. It’s like I can touch the planets”. The science fiction geek in me took that very literally.

Although this is not my preferred genre, I can see why many people would find it engaging. I would understand if Blow_Flyy had thousands upon thousands of followers and YouTube views. I think, as a plan of action, a custom WordPress website would be a great addition to Blow_Flyy‘s list of links. There is plenty of artwork available to make a website look great and it would offer more stats and control as an artist than to use lots of different online platforms. + Google really likes websites that are kept updated. I really think this guy could do really well.

To hear Blow_Flyy’s music or follow his career on social media, click the icons above. They will take you directly to his pages!


Keep Playing & Good Luck

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