“Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning”

Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning is delightfully written in the spirit of Christmas. It was eady for last year’s festivities and it’s coming around again, ready for St. Nic in 2017!

The lyircs are beautiful and they help to set the entire scene and mood of the track, along with the well-recorded and well-produced instrument tracks.

There are the typical jingling instruments that you would expect from a good christmas track and the strings sections help to make it sound just as great as some of the more well-known Christmas songs.

It even starts and ends with ringing chimes. I can practically smell the christmas pudding!!

Katie’s vocals are really well recorded.

It goes without saying that Katie is an exceptional vocalist and this song should solidify that statement, since the instrumentation allows for very little mistakes on Katie’s part. Often, vocalists may have some room for error. For example, in rock music, the prequencies of the vocals are often accompanied by guitars in a similar frequency (not identical of course), so if the vocalist happens to run slightly out of key, they can sometimes get away with it… Not ideal but it’s possible…

In this case, the vocals are basically in a frequency all of their own, so mistakes would have been noticed in an instant. Not this time. No mistakes and the way Katie effortlessly moved around scales was brilliant.

I truly hope this song gains some traction this year as it certainly deserves it!

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Katie Garibaldi has a bright future ahead of her and you should jump on the social media trends now before this Christmas is over and you feel silly!

Keep Playing & Good Luck

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