“Philly To Long Branch (Part 2)”

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If “Trippy as f*ck” is a genre, then Untitled Art have produced the genre’s flagship!

I wish this kind of music was as relevant in the UK as it seems to be in other areas of the world because it is perfect for both easy-listening as well as being music that you can easily lose yourself in. Philly To Long Branch (Part 2) is both intricate and basic, all rolled into one neat song. By this, I mean that the individual parts sound very intricate, yet when put together, it’s so easy to listen to that there’s no need for you (as the listener) to be 100% engaged. Depending on what your goals are, for your music, will depend on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing!

I can imagine that many people would prefer to hold this song in a playlist above anything else. So most people wouldn’t pick this track if they wanted to go into a deep musical analysis session… like, you wont find this song being critically analysed by University music students in 20 years but you could certainly find it in plenty of people’s easy-listening or electronic playlists. With that style of music, from what I can gather, it’s a great accomplishment (and generally a goal) to be placed in plenty of playlists across the web. Well done because that’s exactly how I see this song going.

The Production.

Extremely well put together!

It’s my understanding that James Linton was the production wizard here and let me tell you, he’s done an awesome job. The EQ levels are great, every part is as clear as it should be and he’s left plenty of room for what we I like to call “sonic space” (basically it’s the empty spaces that are often deliberately left in the music, making the next parts hit harder than they would’ve without the gap preceding it).

The Writing.

David Sempier, the composing half of Untitled Art is responsible for this great piece. The lyrical content, although not to my personal taste, is well-designed for the genre, with plenty of repetition in order to claw people in. It’s catchy, the chord sequences are useful for filing this song into the electronic Rock category and the structure also helps to nestle it into the chosen genre too. Nothing too flashy, nothing out of the ordinary but why would you want that when the target audience knows what they want and how they like it! It’s a big thumbs up from me!

The video is where the “trippy”, psychedelic description came from…

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Keep Playing & Good Luck

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