“Wiped Out”

Wiped Out by Strange Theories is a track that has been labelled purely and simply as “Rock”. Although this is absolutely correct, I’ve mentioned the importance of further narrowing down your musical genre in another one of my previous blogs. It helps to define you as a artist/band without the potential fans even needing to hear you (also a great way to drive in potential superfans!). With this being said, I would immediately narrow the genre of this track to at least “Modern Art Rock”.


The “Modern” part comes from the production, composition techniques and the lead vocal style. The production is so immaculate that if you were to guess the decade (or year) of production, you couldn’t go far wrong. This quality of production for (forgive my saying so..) a relatively lesser known act was practically unheard of before the turn of the millenium. It includes a well recorded bunch of instrumentalists, a great mix and some fantastic use of effects in the mastering process.

The composition’s structure isn’t set out in easy-to-digest chunks like most Rock music is. Even though the amount of bars per verse or per chorus aren’t too different to the norm, the instrument parts make it seem like there’s a much more intricate structure at play here. For that, I salute Strange Theories because that’s fairly difficult to pull off. Listen to the drum parts in the second verse… A*

As for the lead vocals, of which I believe there are two (unless I’m mistaken), both have inheritted a flawlessly modern twang. With that fragile and delicate vocal style, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in control. It’s an extremely sought after vocal style for a lot of modern acts.


As aforementioned, the ornamentation used by the individual instruments during different sections make the song seem more artistic and fluent. Less rigid, like a lot of general Rock songs can often sound. In addition to this, the addition of those backing vocals makes the world of difference to the quality of this piece. Without the backing vocals being written in such a way as they have been here, it would have been bordering Art Rock. Now, with those BVs, it’s definitely warranting the Art Rock label.


I highly recommend sticking with the instruments and to avoiding taking the “digital” route in your future musical endeavours. I’ve seen it time and time again, when loads of modern Rock bands are too interested in manipulating new technology in order to remain “artistic”. In 99% of these cases, they fall flat with the idea when they realise the audience which they had previously gathered, aren’t interested in the digital noises they can make, they simply enjoy seeing the instrumentalists do their thing and make artistic creations in front of their very eyes. That’s the basic ROCK element. It’s tried and tested.

I only suggest this because it’s easy for an experimental band to go too “far out” sometimes.

I wouldn’t want to see you boys fall flat!

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