From the album – The Lion And The Fox

You’re Gonna Get Lucky is a beautiful, acoustic-style track about finding peace in with each other through exposing yourself as you really are. Being yourself around the ones closest to you.

The songwriting techniques used in this song are professional, perfect for the genre and give the song depth and feeling. Adding and retracting instruments in certain sections brought light to the peaceful chorus sections (not to mention that chord at the end… but i’ll get to that!) and allowed the verses and middle 8th some room to breathe.

The production quality of this song is wonderful. There’s so much space that every instrument’s part is easily distinguishable from the rest. No doubt, the EQ and the mixing process will have proven to be beneficial to the amount of space. Honestly, it sounds very professional.

And yes!… That borrowed chord at the end of each chorus really does stands out and I think it brings new heights to You’re Gonna Get Lucky. In fact, after hearing the rest of the album on spotify, I think that chord may be what makes this song great as the first track on the album! Of course, there are plenty of good qualities but the use of that chord was pure genius!

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The Vocals…

The vocals are well written, really well recorded and the timbre of the lead vocalist creates plenty of atmosphere that reflects positively on the plot of the song. Jim McGee (lead vocals) is helped out in some sections by Mandy Johnson (backing vocalist). Her voice seemlessly compliments Jim’s and the two go together better than peanut butter and jelly! (… or chips and a bun if you’re over this side of the pond!).

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