“Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)”

The composition and production of Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka) is utterly masterful. Even though Hip-Hop isn’t my go-to genre, I can hear the professionalism in every bar.

Jared’s timing is immaculate. The beat is steady yet sounds like there’s a humanising effect in place (so it’s not 100% metronome standard but it’s still what any listener would perceive as being in-time). I could be wrong… but it really does sound more “human” than perfect, which is something I often look for when listening to music with Hip-Hop, Rap or Grime beats. Very often, I find artists in these genres rely on a perfect metronome to keep themselves on track yet in actual fact, the listener is more likely to engage if the track seems more real, even just by humanising the beat by tiny fractions of a second. It makes the whole song come to life. If I’m wrong, then congrats because you’ve stumped me!  😆

The lyrical content shows pride, angst, first-person angles, threats and more. A serious track with plenty to drive the attitude of the listener. Hip-Hop tracks can often be lost in their own world of rhythmic changes with a backing that doesn’t necessarily compliment all of those constant changes in rhythm. Zone 4 isn’t like other Hip-Hop tracks. The music behind the altering rhythmic vocals is so fluid-like. By that, I mean the melodic sections of the instrumentation are so flexible that it doesn’t contradict the lead rhythm changes from the vocals. In fact, it compliments them really well by adding some drone-style, elongated notes as a backing.

Jared Wesley looks to be a high-end professional, who knows his stuff…

This track alone has over 9.4 Million plays. I’ll let that sink in.

His online presence is magnificent, so too is his attention to the platforms that his music is hosted on. A superb professional in Hip-Hop and I wish Jared Wesley all the best in his musical endeavours.

To listen to Jared’s music, you can visit his Soundcloud or his YouTube

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Keep Playing & Good Luck

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